{Life +Lens} Games

This months blog theme was “Games”. Here is an image of youngest playing the Texas History Game her teacher set up..she gets extra credit for taking her picture at any historic Texas landmark holding her “Hi Teacher!” sign πŸ™‚ so over Spring Break we set out to play at the Birthplace of Texas.

Washington on the Brazos_2014

WOB decl room

The Meeting Room to Draft the Declaration of Texas Independence


The Declaration of Independence from Mexico

The Declaration of Independence from Mexico



The Tree that saw the Whole Story!



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{Life + Lens} March Challenge…Out of Focus

Been a little crazy around here, however I grabbed a quick cell shot as we walked the pup…Y Cell edits_3_201418 Saturday morning soccer..sure brought back some memories!

Processed with watercolor and under painting to achieve this month theme of “Out of Focus”.

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{Life + Lens} January Challenge…COLD!

Texas winter is a wildcard. In the same week, and sometimes even same day, there can easily be 40 degree temperature swings! This week was no exception, and my girls never know what they’re waking up to when they walk the pup in the morning! The day before it was 70…this morning..30! So Oldest bundled up with her Packers hat, fluffy jacket, and hot cocoa to take the pup for her walk in the cold.


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New P52…A year in Song!

The newly formed Photographer Within has come up with a truly fun way to complete a project 52 for 2014 and I am definitley going to try and jump in! Every week they will post a new song for an image inspiration! This week’s song is Brand New Day by Sting.
Here is my take for week #1:



we arrived just before dawn for our daily walk

pond hawk

Pup watched the sun come up….


Then she was off into the weeds..her absolute favorite thing to do!

Β  dawndig2 jumper dawndig1 dawnlightΒ  brand-new-day-2dawntouch brand-new-day-1



“Turn the clock to zero honey, we’re starting up a brand new day”


Bay Walk

Sunday we went exploring around the Bay, we found ghost shrimp, fiddler crabs, fish, clams, and bird wildlife galore….

BayWalk-1 Bay-Walk-a baywalkb baywalkc baywalkd


We had a great lunch view of the pier and went back for more exploring. All good until I spotted this snake on the edge of the trail…I freaked while Oldest cheered since she loves all snakes!


It was a great family adventure πŸ™‚

What we’ve been up to…

Scouting for new photographic locations:clickwebsizeda



Youngest was pretty sure that this stand should be open at 9:30 am on Sunday πŸ™‚



There has been time for general silliness- youngest loves her prize glasses straw…the pup is trying to channel her inner Jedi skills to avoid taking a bath..all normal πŸ™‚


More location scouting..Oldest got stung 2x by a wasp and kept going! Trooper!


Fall has yet to hit us in the South, however we’ve decided to pretend and have been cooking some of our favorite Fall foods like CHILI πŸ™‚


Heading downtown for a Clickin’ Walk!



Sooooo between work, school, sporting events, dance rehearsals, friends, and photography we’ve been busy as you can see!





Project 52~Weeks 14 (Night) & 15 (Woods)

So things have been a little crazy busy here..between work for me, husband’s work & trainings, kids sporting/school/music events, and pup’s torn acl I have had limited time to get out and shoot anything at all so I am of course behind on this project 52..so today I’m catching up πŸ™‚

Week 14 theme is “night”. While I love looking at moody night and low light photography I am actually terrible at it. Part of it is my camera can not get a high enough ISO to take a decent picture (my camera only goes to 1600), although I know that many would argue “no, it can be done!”, that is where the second part of why I am terrible at low-light/night photography comes in..I do not have the time to try and figure out how to push past my camera’s limitations to take good low-light shots and the noise @ 1600 frustrates me to no end. With that all explained you can understand why I’ve “cheated” for this weeks theme ….

kleb nature center 027This picture just reminds me of “night” since all of a sudden mass flocks of swifts start looking for places to bed down!

Week 15 theme of “woods” was fun! We went as a family to a (“new” to us at least) Nature center and preserve that was pretty cool! It had some amazing oak trees (that of course Youngest had to try and climb)!

Into the Woods 2013

kleb nature center 013


kleb nature center 014

kleb nature center 012Β Β  kleb nature center 016

kleb nature center 018

kleb nature center 019

kleb nature center 024

Into the woods

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