Happy Holidays!




{P52} A Year In Song….Blackberries….

This morning we went to pick blackberries for the first time. My DH decided to liven things up a bit by bombarding Youngest with berries…she of coursed jumped right on that and a brief war commenced! Oldest got caught in the crossfire every once in awhile 🙂


This fit the week 22 theme for the TPWP52 challenge~

“You are the Sunshine in my Life”

~Stevie Wonder

Have a great week!!

Summer isn’t here just yet…

But swim season has started!

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I’ve been so busy that my camera has been neglected, luckily all of the “major projects” I was involved in at work have finished up so it was fun to take a few shots of the girls after I finished my am timer shift :).

School will be out shortly, we’re all counting down to the lazy days of summer!!

What we’ve been up to…

Scouting for new photographic locations:clickwebsizeda



Youngest was pretty sure that this stand should be open at 9:30 am on Sunday 🙂



There has been time for general silliness- youngest loves her prize glasses straw…the pup is trying to channel her inner Jedi skills to avoid taking a bath..all normal 🙂


More location scouting..Oldest got stung 2x by a wasp and kept going! Trooper!


Fall has yet to hit us in the South, however we’ve decided to pretend and have been cooking some of our favorite Fall foods like CHILI 🙂


Heading downtown for a Clickin’ Walk!



Sooooo between work, school, sporting events, dance rehearsals, friends, and photography we’ve been busy as you can see!





Project 12 June 2013 ~Shallow Depth of Field~

The month of June asked that we use the photographic technique known as shallow depth of field. I tend to really like this particular technique although it has been a work in progress for me to understand it 🙂 I thought this month I would give you a “shallow” peek into how we’ve been spending our summer days….

at the beach…..

portraite beachfathersday-2013-028
…..celebrating the end of swim season with friends at the team party (while I am trying to figure out how to use a flash in manual mode, excuse my huge learning curve with the image below lol!)….


…Oldest is trying different make up styles and filming tutorials for her cousins for when they need it ;)…


…spending time at SNAKES IN THE LIBRARY! …can you see the camera shake from my shuddering? That was not even close to the biggest snakes he brought!!!!….

itz and snakes 095

…painting toenail designs and floating in the pool relaxing 🙂
…and having some water wars!!

All in all a very nice start to a summer that is speeding by!

You may have noticed the conflicting processing styles on these shots {or not ;)}. I am really trying to figure out what I like best and am torn between 2 styles..I tend to lean towards rich color processing and am trying to develop my skills with this, however I often love soft hazy, dreamy looks depending on the picture and my mood, what are your thoughts?

Thanks for stopping by and seeing my shallow depth of field this month. Please follow the circle around to see how the other amazing CM photographers have implemented this technique; start with checking out how Claire has used shallow depth of field!!