iheartfaces.com Photo Challenge: JUMP!

Oldest keeping an eye on Youngest 🙂


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P52 Week 23…”Reflection”

This week’s theme was reflection…I interpreted this 2 ways….

I can’t believe how Oldest and Youngest have grown this year, reflecting on that shock when I put these side by side:

 first day to last day of school 2012_13

and then I captured this reflection of Oldest as she was getting ready for her ballet performance…. reflection

Project 12 November: How I view…”Blessings”

So very many things fall under this months project 12 photography Challenge. I can’t believe we’ve almost made an entire year!

Since there are so many ways I’m blessed I am going to share with you images from the top of my “Blessings” list:

Oldest …who drives me crazy and cracks me up in the same moment with her teenagerness! Her  kindness, compassion, and depth of emotion are a true blessing to us 🙂


Youngest..who is getting so much older everyday! She is a constant source of light and laughter with her earnest actions and silly tactics 🙂


Pup dog..who is always happy to see us. She brings joy to our family; we can’t remember life without her.


{and my husband, who likes to be an internet ghost so no shot of him 😉 but who works hard for our family}

I’m very grateful to be blessed with wonderful family and friends who make our lives better everyday.

Thanks for stopping..follow the blog circle of talented photographers to see how Dawne views the project chalenge “Blessings”

Back Button Focus..new skill

I’ve been practicing using Back Button Focusing with my camera for the past 2 weeks. Fuzzball laid in the sun (so unusual for her-NOT lol!) and I practiced a bit for the first time.

I actually shot my very first non-family family session using this technique because I was paranoid about missing focus!! Youngest came with me to the family shoot (she’s my reflector helper) a bit before with me so I could try it out (and change it back if I couldn’t figure it out!) Luckily I’ve been able to work with it and am pretty happy with the results 🙂

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Youngest always finds ways to keep herself entertained while I work out what I need to do lol 😀

New reflector

Oldest stayed home from school today sick 😦 but I did get my new reflector today! Youngest paused in her afterschool volleyball playing around to let me catch a few shots..

I have no clue what I’m doing, I have stiches in my clicker finger, and I stepped in a pile of fire ants! Other than that though I’m pretty happy with my first try lol 🙂 and Youngest is always a good sport to help me out:

Pup stayed still for me to try with her as well, she doesn’t like to gold side very much even though I love that it shows the depth of her fur color, what a cutie!

P52 Golden Hour week 23 (yep, I know I’m late!)

Last week’s assignment was to capture “Golden Hour”. That proved to be a bit difficult since it rained the evenings I was available and I just wasn’t very inspired…I have a tough time capturing this concept, to me it’s almost harder to capture the pretty light because even though it’s great light, I used to think it was also “magic hour” where I could only take fabulous pictures…um…..nope, definitely NOT true!, so I have to catch myself from falling into that thought process and still pay attention to the technical stuff. Tonight there was a huge cloud threatening to overtake the golden light but I had a willing model in Youngest so out we went around 8:10..when the light was already escaping! Here is what we got (and yes, those are her real eyes, no photoshop, she has true blues!):

These pictures may not capture the entire deliciousness of golden hour but I’m pretty happy with them. They also make me reflect a bit …Youngest is getting so much older 😦 She is entering middle school this coming school year and is trapped right in between little girl and young lady (as evidenced by the summer pink hair dye and make up experimentation along with the m&m nails on her cute little hands). She is such a sweetheart and I love her dearly, I would love for her (and Oldest) to stay little forever but I also enjoy watching the special ladies they become so these images are bittersweet since they really project more of the young lady she is turning into!

P52 Week 16: Water

This weeks P 52 theme is water. I really wanted to get pictures of oldest’s swim meet or of the torrential rain we had yesterday….however with the crazy week of meetings and other obligations the timing just wasn’t going to happen. Since it’s the weekend I can finally slow down a minute so I played with some water on the back patio 🙂



Project 52 Week 13: Catchlights

This weeks P52 theme is catchlights. Here is my youngest, home from school with a sore throat :(…hopefully a restful day will help her avoid the strep throat that is making it’s way through the 5th grade at her school!

She took her medicine and a nap, finished her homework and had me weave her hair….. she was still restless so we broke out a latchook activity for the first time 🙂

MCP Action Challenge #2: natural light

Here is my entry for challenge #2 “Natural Light” Smiley

I’m playing around a bit with my editing..I’m torn, I usually love bright color and clean processed pictures but I am always drawn into the hazy “vintagey” looking portraits as well. I don’t necessarily believe those types of images will stand the test of time but they do appeal and I tried it out a little bit on this pic of youngest…I like it! What do you think… hazy vintage or bright and clean edits for pictures?