helicopters and hair play

Part of the fun this weekend involved both helicopters and hairstyles 🙂

Youngest still had some Christmas gift cards to use and has been researching her different interests online…her conclusion was that she definitly wanted an electric helicopter so Saturday came with an errand run to Target and voila, she had found her helicopter

There was a significant learning curve, …it did involve some climbing into trees and yelling “MOM Help!” several times, but by the end of the afternoon she was flying pretty well with minimal nosedives. Oldest got her hands on the remote and Sunday we were back at Target for her to pick up her own helicopter!


Oldest USED to let me do her hair all the time but has since moved away from it, preferring the straight iron and a hands off policy. Youngest is starting to be “over” having mom do her hair but is more willing to play. This weekend she saw a hairstyle online that she thought was great so she came out with all the tools: comb, rubberbands, bobby pins and sat patiently while I tried to recreate her vision 🙂


Dog dreams…achieved!!

We have a beautiful lab mix that we got from the pound when she was only 4 weeks old. She has the life of a princess and she knows it; her own comfy bed, blankies to cover her when she lets us know she is chilly, a mirror she has taken to looking in daily, inclusion in a multitude of dog friendly activities and vacations, adoring owners..she’s got it all…..

….EXCEPT a squirrel. This puppy princess has been OBSSESSED with squirrels since she walked out the pound doors. She diligently stalks them in our back yard running pine tree to pine tree, having stare downs, waiting patiently for HOURS all to no avail for the past 4 years….

Until today. Today Nahla caught a squirrel. She is very very proud of herself.

By the way, my oldest told me she will probably get rabies from having to help clean up the achievement. (not gonna lie, there was lots of squealing and screaming by all humans involved while Nahla just wagged her tail and showed off her trophy)


From Wierd to Whim….

This weekend brought the promised business I have come to expect 🙂 We had gorgeous weather, which prompted a lot of outdoor time for my family. One of the indoor activites I did with my older daughter was take her to the “From Wierd to Whim” Young Adult Authors convention that our fantastic library put together. Six local YA authors spent an hour answering questions about their writing styles and processes then did a book signing. It was a great experience for both of us!

Now I haven’t really read a lot of the current YA novels even though I devoured them as a kid. As an adult I’m an avid reader of women’s fiction. If my daughter seems really interested in a certain book/series I’ll pick it up and read it so I can talk with her about it, but she and I RARELY agree on much of anything…she is almost 13, what can I say, and our choices in literature are no exception (she likes paranormal and horror, ick)!

I have tried to be more open minded since she is the one who introduced me to the Twilight series, which I loved, but would have never in a million bazillion years chosen to read on my own. I received the email from the library about this event and put it on the calendar but was tempted to skip it with the awesome weather, I’m so glad I didn’t!

“From Wierd to Whim” brought together paranormal YA authors and readers, after listening to these authors I want to read ALL of their books, go figure!!!

Tali purchased the latest C.C. Hunter book and was able to get it signed…she told me I needed to start finding more of these type of events because they were so awesome 🙂 {I love it when I get that, it helps offset all the many many eyeball rolls lol!}

Got Music?

I’m curious to know, do all dogs love music?

When my girls finally get around to practicing their piano my dog always, even if she is in a dead sleep, gets up and comes to lay in the practice room aka the “green room”. Now that we are on a piano hiatus, due to overwhelming school and sport schedules, the pup hasn’t really had that opportunity to get her music fix (she is only a fan of live music, blaring music from teen bedrooms doesn’t interest her at all.)

Today my youngest decided to practice her cello in the green room. Pup was very curious about this and decided to skootch up and take a look. After deciding it wasn’t a big stick she found her comfortable spot and took her customary musical stance, curled up listening to her practice.

(Not the best pixs but we were laughing so hard it was a secondary concern!)

Happy New Year!

We had a wonderful time celebrating New Year’s Eve as a family this year. Today my husband wanted to go “Polar Bearing” at noon. He has done this for years, however, now that we live in Texas instead of Wisconsin the weather is slightly more cooperative! This year my 10 year old daughter wanted to jump in and polar bear as well so we all hopped in the car and went to Galveston.

(Wind 20 knts, Water 57 degrees, and Air 59 degrees!) Crazy but fun to see.

My older daughter and I stayed on shore and cheered them on, we also served as the sweatshirt, pants, hat, and towel holding station so they wouldn’t freeze when they came out!

I’ve already started getting things going with my P52 and Monthly projects!

Hope everyone had a fantastic holiday, it’s back to the real world for me tomorrow and my kids Tuesday, here’s to holding onto good intentions! Happy 2012 🙂


2012 is bringing with it new projects for me.

This is my first attempt at blogging outside of my family.

I am going to try to keep up with a Project 52 and an “The way I view:____” Monthy project.

My goal for 2012 is to really grow in my love of photography. I want to nail the technical aspects which are confusing for my creative brain and I want to challenge my creative brain to think outside the box!