{P52} A Year in song……What a difference a year makes..

Today was the last day of school 🙂


This works for this week’s a year in song theme “I’ve Got the Magic In Me” from Pitch Perfect. Love the movie, the song, and these magical children! So proud of my beautiful ladies 🙂 HAPPY SUMMER!


{P52} A Year In Song….Blackberries….

This morning we went to pick blackberries for the first time. My DH decided to liven things up a bit by bombarding Youngest with berries…she of coursed jumped right on that and a brief war commenced! Oldest got caught in the crossfire every once in awhile 🙂


This fit the week 22 theme for the TPWP52 challenge~

“You are the Sunshine in my Life”

~Stevie Wonder

Have a great week!!

{P52} Week*5

The theme for The Photographer Within challenge comes from Lady Gaga this week….


Thanks to Oldest for donning her old pointe shoes to capture these images (not that it takes much arm twisting, I’ve discovered this is a sure way to get her in front of the camera….allow her to wear her pointe shoes! She adores ballet so much now that she is on pointe ….she actually WANTS me to take her picture!)

New P52…A year in Song!

The newly formed Photographer Within has come up with a truly fun way to complete a project 52 for 2014 and I am definitley going to try and jump in! Every week they will post a new song for an image inspiration! This week’s song is Brand New Day by Sting.
Here is my take for week #1:



we arrived just before dawn for our daily walk

pond hawk

Pup watched the sun come up….


Then she was off into the weeds..her absolute favorite thing to do!

  dawndig2 jumper dawndig1 dawnlight  brand-new-day-2dawntouch brand-new-day-1



“Turn the clock to zero honey, we’re starting up a brand new day”