{P52} A Year in Song *4

This week’s lyrics are from the Rolling Stones Paint it Black

~“Black as night, black as coal.”~

paint black1 paint black 2

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New P52…A year in Song!

The newly formed Photographer Within has come up with a truly fun way to complete a project 52 for 2014 and I am definitley going to try and jump in! Every week they will post a new song for an image inspiration! This week’s song is Brand New Day by Sting.
Here is my take for week #1:



we arrived just before dawn for our daily walk

pond hawk

Pup watched the sun come up….


Then she was off into the weeds..her absolute favorite thing to do!

  dawndig2 jumper dawndig1 dawnlight  brand-new-day-2dawntouch brand-new-day-1



“Turn the clock to zero honey, we’re starting up a brand new day”


Project 12: Dramatic Light

The November project 12 theme had us looking for dramatic light..so while we awaited the start of the drive in movie I see Oldest illuminated by only her lifeline phone…


and the next day with her pointe shoes


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Project 12 The way I view…PLAY

“Summer” is officially over since school started this week 😦 but it did give me a chance to review the August theme for my project 12…PLAY!

Summer play is intermingled with getting back to school supplies, however, play definitely still takes center stage! For us summer play always involves water…

and this month, my girls have become obsessive about volleyball..

at the beach…

in the backyard…

at the park….

and even in the dark!

They’re volleyball maniacs I tell you, maniacs 🙂

Thanks for checking out how I view “play” this month! Now check out how Dawne views play and continue through the circle of talented photographers that span the globe!

P52 week 35…silhouettes

This weeks theme is silhouettes (I have a terrible time spelling this word!)..I’ve never really tried to shoot a shot like this so this is definitely a rough first attempt 🙂 We had some rain and clouds today but about 15 minutes before the sun was gone I grabbed the girls, the pup, and they grabbed their volleyball so we could pop over to the bit of sky visible in the neighborhood. They danced around in between hitting the ball while I tried catch silhouette shots while convincing the pup NOT to chase every single duck by the pond lol :D.

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I have a long list of what I need to do better of course and definitely will always being looking for more ideal shooting situations, however, I’m pretty happy with the first intentional effort!!

P52 Week 22 “Low Light”

This weeks challenge, along with ending the school year and all the end of year activities, was to capture a photo using low light. This was really hard for me. I’m happy with the shot I caught tonight but wish I had some more time to practice because I am definitely not good at this yet! Here is a shot of the girls searching for a song to sing, lit by their Nook Color 🙂