{Life +Lens} Games

This months blog theme was “Games”. Here is an image of youngest playing the Texas History Game her teacher set up..she gets extra credit for taking her picture at any historic Texas landmark holding her “Hi Teacher!” sign 🙂 so over Spring Break we set out to play at the Birthplace of Texas.

Washington on the Brazos_2014

WOB decl room

The Meeting Room to Draft the Declaration of Texas Independence


The Declaration of Independence from Mexico

The Declaration of Independence from Mexico



The Tree that saw the Whole Story!



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{Life + Lens} March Challenge…Out of Focus

Been a little crazy around here, however I grabbed a quick cell shot as we walked the pup…Y Cell edits_3_201418 Saturday morning soccer..sure brought back some memories!

Processed with watercolor and under painting to achieve this month theme of “Out of Focus”.

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{Life + Lens} January Challenge…COLD!

Texas winter is a wildcard. In the same week, and sometimes even same day, there can easily be 40 degree temperature swings! This week was no exception, and my girls never know what they’re waking up to when they walk the pup in the morning! The day before it was 70…this morning..30! So Oldest bundled up with her Packers hat, fluffy jacket, and hot cocoa to take the pup for her walk in the cold.


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{Life + Lens} around the block….kind of!

The theme [due a week ago] for the Life + Lens monthly Challenge was “Around the Block”..however we’ve been crazy crazy busy with the girls events that we’ve been around the block and to different cities 🙂 Everything all came together last weekend when Oldest had her 2 final performances of The Nutcracker, dancing on pointe the first time, and Youngest had her second Diving meet of the season the Sunday after! here is a glimpse of my “Around the Block”


sooo, you can see why I missed the deadline right 😉 ? Oh well, I will definitely work on planning better for next month! You can check out the circle of talented photogs who were able to meet the deadline starting with Nicole!

{Life+Lens} November~Thankful


 I am very thankful for the many blessings I have, most especially the time I am able to relax with my family. One of my favorite weekend activities in the Fall are family walks through different woods in our area; so many stories are exchanged in such a peaceful environment. We really get the opportunity to  reconnect without the distractions of everyday!

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{Life +Lens} September: Negative Space

The theme this month is negative space, one of my favorite photography techniques. Unfortunately, I haven’t had much time to devote to capturing the images I had in my head; I was able to find some images that fit from a recent location scouting walk with Youngest and the fur ball 🙂

Negative Space 1



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{Life + Lens} September “Changes”

September theme of “changes” makes perfect sense for our family since it was back to school for us!

Oldest is starting High School…crazy! She gets up and is out the door (in the dark!) before the house is really moving..changes1

Youngest is starting 7th grade this year…..

changes4and by Friday they both had “events” to attend ..Youngest a rockin’ pool/bday party and Oldest a “Fishy Mixer” dance at the High School….these kept me up until 11:00 to pick them up! I don’t know if I’m ready to have two teenagers although they still crack me up daily…

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