Aloha and a flower crown!

Youngest went to a party with a Hawaiian theme which gave up the perfect opportunity to try and make a flower crown! Oldest did her makeup, I made the crown using dried flowers, floral tape and wire, while Youngest put together her final beautiful look 🙂

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🙂 Happy Spring 🙂


Pitch Perfect..Hair!

My girls are obsessed with the movie Pitch Perfect, it is hilariously ridiculous! Oldest has been playing around with some of the styles that Anna Kendrick wore in the movie:

This style emulates the opening scene look:

pitchperfectopen1  pitchperfectopen3


after we took these shots we took it out and moved it down a little bit towards the base of her head…it is really easy to do, just requires A LOT of bobby pins and patience, however after finding this movie still I can think of an even easier way to do it!

This one is a tighter version of the campus radio station (minus the dj of course)“stacking records” scene do :

radio1 radio2

Fairly simple to do if you know how to french braid; it also requires lots of bobby pins and patience!

We’ve already done some Bella wedding hair from Breaking Dawn 2 that turned out well:

bellafrontbellaback  bellasideleft bellasideright

We’ve done a Rosalie look that we forgot to take a picture of that turned into a regular favorite!

I wonder which movie hairstyle we’ll do next…:D

Project 52 Week 13: Catchlights

This weeks P52 theme is catchlights. Here is my youngest, home from school with a sore throat :(…hopefully a restful day will help her avoid the strep throat that is making it’s way through the 5th grade at her school!

She took her medicine and a nap, finished her homework and had me weave her hair….. she was still restless so we broke out a latchook activity for the first time 🙂

Hunger Games

Today we went to the Hunger Games movie…it did a pretty good job of portraying the book since most of the book involves us reading about what Katniss is thinking inside her head! My girls were super excited to go and had to get their hair braided to look like the charachters…

Primrose Everdeen hair 🙂

Katniss hair 🙂

"May the odds be ever in your favor!"

helicopters and hair play

Part of the fun this weekend involved both helicopters and hairstyles 🙂

Youngest still had some Christmas gift cards to use and has been researching her different interests online…her conclusion was that she definitly wanted an electric helicopter so Saturday came with an errand run to Target and voila, she had found her helicopter

There was a significant learning curve, …it did involve some climbing into trees and yelling “MOM Help!” several times, but by the end of the afternoon she was flying pretty well with minimal nosedives. Oldest got her hands on the remote and Sunday we were back at Target for her to pick up her own helicopter!


Oldest USED to let me do her hair all the time but has since moved away from it, preferring the straight iron and a hands off policy. Youngest is starting to be “over” having mom do her hair but is more willing to play. This weekend she saw a hairstyle online that she thought was great so she came out with all the tools: comb, rubberbands, bobby pins and sat patiently while I tried to recreate her vision 🙂