{P52} A Year In Song….Blackberries….

This morning we went to pick blackberries for the first time. My DH decided to liven things up a bit by bombarding Youngest with berries…she of coursed jumped right on that and a brief war commenced! Oldest got caught in the crossfire every once in awhile 🙂


This fit the week 22 theme for the TPWP52 challenge~

“You are the Sunshine in my Life”

~Stevie Wonder

Have a great week!!


Project 52~week 16~ bokeh

This week’s theme is bokeh. I wanted to really spend time on this one, but of course the best laid plans tend to never really happen! Instead, since we had such a beautiful day today, AND we actually didn’t have 500 places to be,  we decided to get a lot of our own yard-work done, so my plans to find sparkly light were not happening lol :). We took a “break” by making a quick trip over to a farm that allowed us to pick our own strawberries..delicious, or maybe bokehlicious 😀


Note the cell phone never out of Oldest’s hand, even when searching for the perfect berry ! STRAWBERRY PICKING 013


Thanks for taking a peek! Next week my monthly blog circle is coming due..I thought I was already prepared for it then realized I read the wrong theme so I have to start all over! gah!Oh well, now I’m ready for the following month!  Have a great week!

February Project 12~Food Photography~

The February theme for the blog circle is “Food Photography”..which I have decided is hard! I had lots of ideas this month but very little time to execute them! Oh well, I did enjoy it so I plan on spending some more time with food photography in the future 🙂 I found a great pizza crust recipe so decided to make some calzones and pizza for the girls. They were a hit!

feb food photos march food photos and kai flips 021

Thanks for stopping by! Check out the food Claire captured this month and then continue around the circle of talented photographers to tempt your tastebuds 🙂

P52~week 6~ hands

This weeks theme is “hands”..I chose not to focus on the hands themselves, rather just a few of the things our hands were busy doing!

This week we used our hands to roast some marshmallows 🙂

Sunrise, firepit, NHD LSC 2013 017 Sunrise, firepit, NHD LSC 2013 024

The next morning Oldest used her hands to grab my camera and catch the sunrise 😀

Sunrise, firepit, NHD LSC 2013 007

The rest of the week my hands were crazy busy so no camera time and no more pictures for this theme!!

Poject 12 Challenge: The Way I view…”Summer Life”

This month’s theme for my project 12 is “Summer Life”. Summer is great for me as I am done with day to day work  for a little while which I look forward to. The past few weeks we’ve spent vacationing with family in Wisconsin. We were hoping to avoid the Texas summer heat but it seemed to be waiting for us when we got there, oh well, we still had lots of fun!

Summer life in July means travel, family, Youngest’s 11th birthday, lots of time spent in the water, and relaxation. I LOVE Summer life!

{The family drove up, I had work, so I flew up later to meet them 🙂 }View from the plane

(after 8 hours of delays) Hello Milwaukee 😀 Catching up with Family..family…and more family!

Youngest turns 11! Luau time at the lake house 🙂



Thanks for stopping by and seeing the way I view summer life. Swing ’round the blog circle and check out how Dawne views it!

May…Project 12 The Way I view… “Motherhood”

Sometimes motherhood is the mundane…laundry, cooking, cleaning, transporting, working, breaking up arguments and dealing with eyeball rolling (lots and lots of eyeball rolling ;)) ! Despite the mundane, the magic of seeing my children, interacting with them and seeing them grow into the amazing people they are always makes it worth it. They amaze me on a daily basis. The way I view “Motherhood” is it is the most challenging but rewarding role on the planet 🙂

Of course, for me, no post on motherhood would be complete without my fur baby! She is my shadow (she actually was in the shot above just too short to make the scene lol) and she is as certain as my girls that I’m her mama, which is ok by me! We love her to pieces 😀

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