Aloha and a flower crown!

Youngest went to a party with a Hawaiian theme which gave up the perfect opportunity to try and make a flower crown! Oldest did her makeup, I made the crown using dried flowers, floral tape and wire, while Youngest put together her final beautiful look 🙂

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🙂 Happy Spring 🙂


Poject 12 Challenge: The Way I view…”Summer Life”

This month’s theme for my project 12 is “Summer Life”. Summer is great for me as I am done with day to day work  for a little while which I look forward to. The past few weeks we’ve spent vacationing with family in Wisconsin. We were hoping to avoid the Texas summer heat but it seemed to be waiting for us when we got there, oh well, we still had lots of fun!

Summer life in July means travel, family, Youngest’s 11th birthday, lots of time spent in the water, and relaxation. I LOVE Summer life!

{The family drove up, I had work, so I flew up later to meet them 🙂 }View from the plane

(after 8 hours of delays) Hello Milwaukee 😀 Catching up with…and more family!

Youngest turns 11! Luau time at the lake house 🙂



Thanks for stopping by and seeing the way I view summer life. Swing ’round the blog circle and check out how Dawne views it!

Rubbing off on them?

I share everything I learn about photography as I learn it with my girls. They ask great questions which in turn helps me as well (since everyone knows you really have to KNOW something to teach it to someone else!) I suspect I may be rubbing off on them ….here’s why….

Yep, I think I’m onto something here 😀 {the oatmeal cream pies were delicioso! Here is the recipe…it’s a repeater for us, they were gone by the next day ;)}

P52 Week 10: ROUND

This theme didn’t speak to me as much as leading lines did last week, instead of seeing round I’m still seeing lines everywhere!! I looked at the forum for inspiration and fell in love with an image taken by Rachel of her little girl spinning in her, as my daughters would say, “flooffy dress”, ya know, the kind that twirls and many memories of my girls doing this! We had no time to try to get anything that spectacular, but I am happy with the daisy I caught after the rain :).

By the way, these flowers are almost indestructable for me! I do not have a green thumb, by ANY means, but these gorgeous blooms just keep popping up no matter what… flood, drought, freeze…Texas weather, we go through it all at some point throughout the year and these babies just smile through!

P52 Week 4 “Bokeh”

This weeks theme for the project 52 is “bokeh”. Now if you’re not a photographer or interested in photgraphy there is absolutely no reason for you to know this word. I know I had never ever heard of it prior to picking up a camera a few years ago so I looked it up…”a Japanese term for the subjective aesthetic quality of out-of-focus areas of a photographic image (”. Well that makes sense, I love bokeh but never knew there was a word for “hmm, I wonder how they blurred out the background like that? :)”

I used my 50mm lens for these shots today as we went on our nightly dog walk. We were in a rush because we’re off to see “Once Upon a Mattress” tonight so here you go, my attempts at “Bokeh”!