Happy Holidays!





Oldest bought herself a new camera with her birthday money so she has been my companion on some recent photo walks :). Since I’m spending time explaining to her I am not really taking pictures myself, however today I decided to just use my cell phone as she was doing her thing…

It was a great reminder of the idea that the best camera is the one you have with you!

Here is a shot Oldest caught of the pup and I discussing why it would be a very bad idea to jump into the creek 😉

Y Cell edits_3_20141

It is great to see Oldest grow in photography …. the pup appreciates the walk venues ….so it was a win for all involved:)

New P52…A year in Song!

The newly formed Photographer Within has come up with a truly fun way to complete a project 52 for 2014 and I am definitley going to try and jump in! Every week they will post a new song for an image inspiration! This week’s song is Brand New Day by Sting.
Here is my take for week #1:



we arrived just before dawn for our daily walk

pond hawk

Pup watched the sun come up….


Then she was off into the weeds..her absolute favorite thing to do!

  dawndig2 jumper dawndig1 dawnlight  brand-new-day-2dawntouch brand-new-day-1



“Turn the clock to zero honey, we’re starting up a brand new day”


Project 12~March: Interesting Perspectives~

The theme of interesting perspectives was challenging this month! There was lots to read up on for this and some of the things I tried (based off of the reading) didn’t exactly work out but we had fun trying it out lol 🙂

The shots below are inspired by this site about forced perspectives…here I am pouring Youngest out of a water bottle..kind of 😉

perspective 033 perspective 027 perspective 026

Forced perspective was frustratingly hilarious! I also captured some things from the perspective of the pup….

Gone fishin’boo-gone-fishin

Garden Supervisor


Wrestlemaniaperspective 034 perspective 035

Loveperspective 038 perspective 039

Life is good from her perspective 🙂

Thanks for stopping by! Follow the circle of talented photogs and see how Claire views Interesting Perspectives!

Project 12 2013~Close Up Portraiture

This year I am once again participating in a year long monthly project with some very talented photographers from Clickin Moms :). The theme for January is Close Up Portraiture which I played with while the pup was on guard for squirrels and Youngest was singing her heart out rather than working on her homework 🙂

Nahla bw side nahlalu eye Kai-sings-jan-2013webKaia-oh-mom-Jan-2013web

She caught me ;)!

Thanks for checking out my attempt at close up portraiture. Follow the circle round to Claire to see how things look close up in the UK!

New reflector

Oldest stayed home from school today sick 😦 but I did get my new reflector today! Youngest paused in her afterschool volleyball playing around to let me catch a few shots..

I have no clue what I’m doing, I have stiches in my clicker finger, and I stepped in a pile of fire ants! Other than that though I’m pretty happy with my first try lol 🙂 and Youngest is always a good sport to help me out:

Pup stayed still for me to try with her as well, she doesn’t like to gold side very much even though I love that it shows the depth of her fur color, what a cutie!


Pup got a new squeaky toy….

pretty sure she loves it!