Project 12..last one.. Made it :)

This is the second year that I participated in the Clickin Moms Project 12 with the “Fabulous group Four” ladies :). I am so proud of myself and our group for finishing this year! It has been a great challenge and fantastically headed up by Holly, thank you so much for your hard work!

The final theme was “put yourself in the picture” so I have a couple pix of me to share to round out the year!

The first image shows me working with the girls to make our New Year’s Eve masks and the second image shows me on New Year’s day waiting for my crazy husband to take his Polar Bear plunge into the ocean πŸ™‚


maskseditFinal masks and hat made out of a paper bag (DH decided he wanted to be anonymous)


Thanks for stopping by, please continue around the circle to see the talented Claire put herself in the picture!


Project 12: Dramatic Light

The November project 12 theme had us looking for dramatic while we awaited the start of the drive in movie I see Oldest illuminated by only her lifeline phone…


and the next day with her pointe shoes


Thanks for stopping by! Make your way around the circle to see other uses of dramatic light this month starting with Dawne πŸ™‚

{Project 12 August} Motion Blur

This month’s theme “motion blur”, not going to lie, is hard to accomplish! I kept putting it off since I really didn’t have many ideas on how to make this effect work. Today I bit the bullet, read a few tutorials, recruited Youngest to ride her bike back and forth a million times, for me to catch these:

motion-blur-1 motion-blur-2 motion-blur-3 motion-blur-ghostIn the first 3 images I tried to use the panning method , on the last one I focused on the trees while Youngest zipped by me which ghosted her out…Surprisingly I actually like these techniques and anticipate playing around with them more! Thanks for taking a look! Now follow the CM blog circle to see how the talented Claire caught “motion blur” as she traveled to Africa!

Project 12 July~ Cell phone challenge~

The theme for July’s Project 12 was to utilize cell phone cameras…since mine is broken at the moment I ended up using my husband’s here and there along our family travelsΒ  πŸ™‚ ..about halfway home I thought about trying to capture skylines of all the bigger cities we went through, however I realized I was usually the one driving at the time we went through them so I was not able to catch them..maybe next year!!!

dandelion-cellpic ride1 ride2 ride3beach

Please make your way around the circle of talented photographers to see life from the cell perspective starting with Claire!

Project 12 June 2013 ~Shallow Depth of Field~

The month of June asked that we use the photographic technique known as shallow depth of field. I tend to really like this particular technique although it has been a work in progress for me to understand it πŸ™‚ I thought this month I would give you a “shallow” peek into how we’ve been spending our summer days….

at the beach…..

portraite beachfathersday-2013-028
…..celebrating the end of swim season with friends at the team party (while I am trying to figure out how to use a flash in manual mode, excuse my huge learning curve with the image below lol!)….


…Oldest is trying different make up styles and filming tutorials for her cousins for when they need it ;)…


…spending time at SNAKES IN THE LIBRARY! …can you see the camera shake from my shuddering? That was not even close to the biggest snakes he brought!!!!….

itz and snakes 095

…painting toenail designs and floating in the pool relaxing πŸ™‚
…and having some water wars!!

All in all a very nice start to a summer that is speeding by!

You may have noticed the conflicting processing styles on these shots {or not ;)}. I am really trying to figure out what I like best and am torn between 2 styles..I tend to lean towards rich color processing and am trying to develop my skills with this, however I often love soft hazy, dreamy looks depending on the picture and my mood, what are your thoughts?

Thanks for stopping by and seeing my shallow depth of field this month. Please follow the circle around to see how the other amazing CM photographers have implemented this technique; start with checking out how Claire has used shallow depth of field!!

Project 12 CM Blog Circle Challenge ~ Beautiful Ugly~

The month of May has been c-r-a-z-y!!! The girls have all of their end of school activities, (Oldest is finishing her 8th grade year and going to high school so there seems to be double the amount of “end of school” activities for her!) which are overlapping with spring sports which are then triple lapping with summer sports!

Needless to say I have not really focused on photography too much this month with all of these things, however, I was able to catch some images for our theme of “Beautiful Ugly”. This theme is truly a challenge for me, I have a hard time appreciating the beauty of a bug! It also seems to work best with macro photography which I do not have at the moment (it’s on the ~very long~ wish list) so I did my best to capture some beauty in the traditional “ugly” πŸ™‚ with

some antique farm tools…..

kleb nature center 001


and some crazy tree roots πŸ™‚kleb nature center 023

Thanks for stopping by! Continue around the circle of talented photogs to see how they captured beauty in the ugly by visiting Claire in the UK!

Project 12 April~Shooting through Glass~

A little behind, but was able to squeeze my attempt at this theme “shooting through glass” this weekend as my students competed in the State National History Day Competition……

throughglass2Β  through-glass

The museum was beautiful and my students did a great job! I was late to the circle so I had them link around me, however you can still check out how everyone else shot through glass by starting with Claire πŸ™‚

Project 12~March: Interesting Perspectives~

The theme of interesting perspectives was challenging this month! There was lots to read up on for this and some of the things I tried (based off of the reading) didn’t exactly work out but we had fun trying it out lol πŸ™‚

The shots below are inspired by this site about forced perspectives…here I am pouring Youngest out of a water bottle..kind of πŸ˜‰

perspective 033 perspective 027 perspective 026

Forced perspective was frustratingly hilarious! I also captured some things from the perspective of the pup….

Gone fishin’boo-gone-fishin

Garden Supervisor


Wrestlemaniaperspective 034 perspective 035

Loveperspective 038 perspective 039

Life is good from her perspective πŸ™‚

Thanks for stopping by! Follow the circle of talented photogs and see how Claire views Interesting Perspectives!