Halloween is on it’s way

My two girls interpret this holiday so differently and the practice rounds have begun..Here is where we are in our practice runs….

Youngest loves cute and fun Halloween costumes, this year she’s leaning towards being a deer…


She wanted to practice her look so this is our first attempt..we’ve got some ideas on how to tweak it but she was happy 🙂OH-Deer-Kai-2014

Oldest, on the other hand, loves to scare the living daylights out of me every year with her affinity for horror. When she was younger she decided to take over her own Halloween makeup because Mom makeup wasn’t scary enough. Her sister even told her she had to change her makeup because even though she knew it was not real the makeup freaked her out…years later we’ve got the same problem since Oldest has only gotten better at her own makeup..

This year she wants to be “Bloody Mary”

Bloody-Mary-closeup-2014-ta and she has started a makeup tutorial blog to share her talent! Make sure you swing by to check it out!


Happy Halloween Month 🙂