{P52} A Year in song……What a difference a year makes..

Today was the last day of school 🙂


This works for this week’s a year in song theme “I’ve Got the Magic In Me” from Pitch Perfect. Love the movie, the song, and these magical children! So proud of my beautiful ladies 🙂 HAPPY SUMMER!


{P52} A Year In Song….Blackberries….

This morning we went to pick blackberries for the first time. My DH decided to liven things up a bit by bombarding Youngest with berries…she of coursed jumped right on that and a brief war commenced! Oldest got caught in the crossfire every once in awhile 🙂


This fit the week 22 theme for the TPWP52 challenge~

“You are the Sunshine in my Life”

~Stevie Wonder

Have a great week!!