SNOW DAY..kinda :)

School was cancelled today due to freezing rain and snow…..

Ice Day_149

Ice Day_1410 look very closely for it…it’s there….Ice Day_1411Ice Day_1412Ice Day_148

I know, I know, but hey ….we take what we can get..have you ever seen Southerners drive on ice? They don’t get it and they shouldn’t have to, therefore cancelling school is a great idea…What to do with this bonus day?

Make cookies and lay around all day of course!

Ice Day_145Ice Day_146

Ice Day_147

Happy Texas Snow Day! (and the best news is that it’s supposed to be 70 degrees tomorrow Smiley)


{Life + Lens} January Challenge…COLD!

Texas winter is a wildcard. In the same week, and sometimes even same day, there can easily be 40 degree temperature swings! This week was no exception, and my girls never know what they’re waking up to when they walk the pup in the morning! The day before it was 70…this morning..30! So Oldest bundled up with her Packers hat, fluffy jacket, and hot cocoa to take the pup for her walk in the cold.


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New P52…A year in Song!

The newly formed Photographer Within has come up with a truly fun way to complete a project 52 for 2014 and I am definitley going to try and jump in! Every week they will post a new song for an image inspiration! This week’s song is Brand New Day by Sting.
Here is my take for week #1:



we arrived just before dawn for our daily walk

pond hawk

Pup watched the sun come up….


Then she was off into the weeds..her absolute favorite thing to do!

  dawndig2 jumper dawndig1 dawnlight  brand-new-day-2dawntouch brand-new-day-1



“Turn the clock to zero honey, we’re starting up a brand new day”


Project 12..last one.. Made it :)

This is the second year that I participated in the Clickin Moms Project 12 with the “Fabulous group Four” ladies :). I am so proud of myself and our group for finishing this year! It has been a great challenge and fantastically headed up by Holly, thank you so much for your hard work!

The final theme was “put yourself in the picture” so I have a couple pix of me to share to round out the year!

The first image shows me working with the girls to make our New Year’s Eve masks and the second image shows me on New Year’s day waiting for my crazy husband to take his Polar Bear plunge into the ocean 🙂


maskseditFinal masks and hat made out of a paper bag (DH decided he wanted to be anonymous)


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