Merry Christmas


…..we had a peaceful and relaxing day, hope you did too!!!


{Life + Lens} around the block….kind of!

The theme [due a week ago] for the Life + Lens monthly Challenge was “Around the Block”..however we’ve been crazy crazy busy with the girls events that we’ve been around the block and to different cities 🙂 Everything all came together last weekend when Oldest had her 2 final performances of The Nutcracker, dancing on pointe the first time, and Youngest had her second Diving meet of the season the Sunday after! here is a glimpse of my “Around the Block”


sooo, you can see why I missed the deadline right 😉 ? Oh well, I will definitely work on planning better for next month! You can check out the circle of talented photogs who were able to meet the deadline starting with Nicole!

Project 12: Dramatic Light

The November project 12 theme had us looking for dramatic while we awaited the start of the drive in movie I see Oldest illuminated by only her lifeline phone…


and the next day with her pointe shoes


Thanks for stopping by! Make your way around the circle to see other uses of dramatic light this month starting with Dawne 🙂