{Life + Lens} September “Changes”

September theme of “changes” makes perfect sense for our family since it was back to school for us!

Oldest is starting High School…crazy! She gets up and is out the door (in the dark!) before the house is really moving..changes1

Youngest is starting 7th grade this year…..

changes4and by Friday they both had “events” to attend ..Youngest a rockin’ pool/bday party and Oldest a “Fishy Mixer” dance at the High School….these kept me up until 11:00 to pick them up! I don’t know if I’m ready to have two teenagers although they still crack me up daily…

changes2 changes3Thanks for stopping by and checking out our “Changes”! Head on around the circle of photogs to see what changes they met starting with Amber!


6 thoughts on “{Life + Lens} September “Changes”

  1. Oh boy~ leaving before the sun is up is tough stuff! Your girls are so beautiful and you capture them so wonderfully in these images. Well done!

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