{Project 12 August} Motion Blur

This month’s theme “motion blur”, not going to lie, is hard to accomplish! I kept putting it off since I really didn’t have many ideas on how to make this effect work. Today I bit the bullet, read a few tutorials, recruited Youngest to ride her bike back and forth a million times, for me to catch these:

motion-blur-1 motion-blur-2 motion-blur-3 motion-blur-ghostIn the first 3 images I tried to use the panning method , on the last one I focused on the trees while Youngest zipped by me which ghosted her out…Surprisingly I actually like these techniques and anticipate playing around with them more! Thanks for taking a look! Now follow the CM blog circle to see how the talented Claire caught “motion blur” as she traveled to Africa!


8 thoughts on “{Project 12 August} Motion Blur

  1. Cary, I’m sooo impressed with your panning. It is incredibly hard to do and I have yet to accomplish this technique successfully. You did a GREAT job!!! Love the color in your third, nice work this month. ❤

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