Project 12 July~ Cell phone challenge~

The theme for July’s Project 12 was to utilize cell phone cameras…since mine is broken at the moment I ended up using my husband’s here and there along our family travels  🙂 ..about halfway home I thought about trying to capture skylines of all the bigger cities we went through, however I realized I was usually the one driving at the time we went through them so I was not able to catch them..maybe next year!!!

dandelion-cellpic ride1 ride2 ride3beach

Please make your way around the circle of talented photographers to see life from the cell perspective starting with Claire!


7 thoughts on “Project 12 July~ Cell phone challenge~

  1. Cary, awesome color you captured in these! I love the big puffy white clouds in your city skyline shots but my favorite is the last one… something about that wide open landscape makes me hungry to travel. Well done!

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