Commercial anyone?

These two decided to be a shampoo commercial this morning….

shampooI think they nailed it πŸ˜‰



This weekend we went to the drive-in for the first time with the girls….this may be our new favorite way to watch movies! We had a gorgeous evening complete with shooting stars!

drivein1 drivein2 drivein3

Photography is spreading around here…

Oldest has recently become interested in how the DSLR camera works, so I’ve begun teaching her πŸ™‚ Here are some images she caught on our way to the beach yesterday while I was driving:

Bluehoney-Oldest-trip1So proud of her!!!

Once we got there, the camera came back to me so I could capture Oldest and Youngest crashing waves πŸ™‚


P52 Week 31~ Father~

Daddy is sometimes the one you are silly with in the hotel pool after a long day of travel πŸ˜€

fatherΒ Β  hotel-pool-silliness

Or the one who teaches you how to drive the boat….


He’s the one who helps take the fish off of the line because although you are finally able to touch a worm to put it on the hook and catch your big bass, removing the hook is still too much….



He’s the guy to take all the cousins night fishing off the dock in the cold…nightfish

and play all day with you {and your cousins πŸ™‚ }cousintrouble

Gotta love this guy πŸ™‚

Project 12 July~ Cell phone challenge~

The theme for July’s Project 12 was to utilize cell phone cameras…since mine is broken at the moment I ended up using my husband’s here and there along our family travelsΒ  πŸ™‚ ..about halfway home I thought about trying to capture skylines of all the bigger cities we went through, however I realized I was usually the one driving at the time we went through them so I was not able to catch them..maybe next year!!!

dandelion-cellpic ride1 ride2 ride3beach

Please make your way around the circle of talented photographers to see life from the cell perspective starting with Claire!