Pointe It!

Oldest has done ballet off and on for several years. She has also managed to do swimming, soccer, theater, choir, orchestra, piano, cheer, basketball, volleyball, and the list goes on!

For the past two years she has really focused in on ballet, however at her previous dance studio they told her she was to old to learn to dance on pointe…disheartened to say the least, she quit dancing to pursue other interests.

Since dancing on pointe as a ballerina has been a dream for her, she decided to try again, this time at a new studio. After dancing a foundation class for a year, this summer she is finally beginning pointe!

Oldest-pointe-shoes-2013To say she is excited would be an understatement, even Youngest wants to try the shoes out …for about 10 seconds! Let the painful pointe begin lol! đŸ˜€



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