Pitch Perfect..Hair!

My girls are obsessed with the movie Pitch Perfect, it is hilariously ridiculous! Oldest has been playing around with some of the styles that Anna Kendrick wore in the movie:

This style emulates the opening scene look:

pitchperfectopen1  pitchperfectopen3


after we took these shots we took it out and moved it down a little bit towards the base of her head…it is really easy to do, just requires A LOT of bobby pins and patience, however after finding this movie still I can think of an even easier way to do it!

This one is a tighter version of the campus radio station (minus the dj of course)“stacking records” scene do :

radio1 radio2

Fairly simple to do if you know how to french braid; it also requires lots of bobby pins and patience!

We’ve already done some Bella wedding hair from Breaking Dawn 2 that turned out well:

bellafrontbellaback  bellasideleft bellasideright

We’ve done a Rosalie look that we forgot to take a picture of that turned into a regular favorite!

I wonder which movie hairstyle we’ll do next…:D


8 thoughts on “Pitch Perfect..Hair!

  1. Hi there, just wanted to say your girls look lovely with those hairstyles!

    I’ve been looking for a way to do the first hairstyle/opening scene look, but I can’t seem to wrap my head around how it’s done! Could I ask for a simple tutorial or a how-to?

    • Hi Elsa,
      For this version of the opening scene I pulled 2pieces from the front sides to the back then pulled up/over the hair all along the way so it rolled over. Then pinned each roll. When I examined the still a bit closer I realized I could’ve just pulled the same to pieces like I started before but then use a “topsy turvy” tool to just flip the whole thing inside out! Hope that helps!

  2. Do you think you could post a tutorial on how to get the look from the first scene. Your the only person ive found who has even come close to the style Anna Kendrick has in the movie!

    • Basically Kelsey all I did was a twist on both sides. I then went back and wrapped the hair from beneath the twist and pulled it up and over then pinned in place to create the look.

  3. Hi, I have a comment and a question. The first look, I’ve found that an easy way to do it is by making four small ponytails, leaving the bottom section out of course. And then twist them into little half buns and pin them in place. It takes lots of bobby pins but it works really really well and stayed all day. That’s just my insight. But your way looks great as well!! And then I was wondering how you pinned the pieces in the second look. Because it seems for the most part it’s just two French braids, if I’m not mistaken… Thank you so much! And sorry for all the words!

    • You’re correct Brooke, they’re 2 French braids, however the right side is a lot longer than the left and continues to braid almost all the way to the left side. Once the two sides meet I spun them together, used a lot of bobby pins hidden in the braids to hide elastic so and secure the bun 🙂

      • Okay, that makes more sense to know that one is longer than the other. Mine just kept looking like a normal french braid bun. Thank you so much for the fast reply!

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