Project 12 CM Blog Circle Challenge ~ Beautiful Ugly~

The month of May has been c-r-a-z-y!!! The girls have all of their end of school activities, (Oldest is finishing her 8th grade year and going to high school so there seems to be double the amount of “end of school” activities for her!) which are overlapping with spring sports which are then triple lapping with summer sports!

Needless to say I have not really focused on photography too much this month with all of these things, however, I was able to catch some images for our theme of “Beautiful Ugly”. This theme is truly a challenge for me, I have a hard time appreciating the beauty of a bug! It also seems to work best with macro photography which I do not have at the moment (it’s on the ~very long~ wish list) so I did my best to capture some beauty in the traditional “ugly” 🙂 with

some antique farm tools…..

kleb nature center 001


and some crazy tree roots 🙂kleb nature center 023

Thanks for stopping by! Continue around the circle of talented photogs to see how they captured beauty in the ugly by visiting Claire in the UK!


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