P52..Week 26 ~ Emotion~

The theme for the project 52 week 26 is “emotion”. Youngest and Oldest have finished their swim season so now they are left with “summer”..which is apparently “boring” at times. Yesterday we did some kitchen science using vinegar and baking soda to create some “explosions” and inflate balloons as well as play with green goo which had the bonus of turning hands green. The emotion we got from the teens was surprise+wonder and joy= AWESOME!

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{Week 25 was “sunset” …haven’t seen a good one yet so I’ll be coming back to that later ;)}


Project 12 June 2013 ~Shallow Depth of Field~

The month of June asked that we use the photographic technique known as shallow depth of field. I tend to really like this particular technique although it has been a work in progress for me to understand it 🙂 I thought this month I would give you a “shallow” peek into how we’ve been spending our summer days….

at the beach…..

portraite beachfathersday-2013-028
…..celebrating the end of swim season with friends at the team party (while I am trying to figure out how to use a flash in manual mode, excuse my huge learning curve with the image below lol!)….


…Oldest is trying different make up styles and filming tutorials for her cousins for when they need it ;)…


…spending time at SNAKES IN THE LIBRARY! …can you see the camera shake from my shuddering? That was not even close to the biggest snakes he brought!!!!….

itz and snakes 095

…painting toenail designs and floating in the pool relaxing 🙂
…and having some water wars!!

All in all a very nice start to a summer that is speeding by!

You may have noticed the conflicting processing styles on these shots {or not ;)}. I am really trying to figure out what I like best and am torn between 2 styles..I tend to lean towards rich color processing and am trying to develop my skills with this, however I often love soft hazy, dreamy looks depending on the picture and my mood, what are your thoughts?

Thanks for stopping by and seeing my shallow depth of field this month. Please follow the circle around to see how the other amazing CM photographers have implemented this technique; start with checking out how Claire has used shallow depth of field!!


I don’t actually own a zoom lens other than my kit. I was too tired last night to go out and catch the super moon when it was closest, however the pup had another plan! So at 4 this morning when she started to bother me to take her out I grabbed my camera with the little 50mm and captured these shots:


My daughters loved the book Goodnight Moon when they were babies 🙂


So my “Super Moon” is really still kinda a baby moon but I love that I was able to capture it looking like an actual moon lol 😀

Pitch Perfect..Hair!

My girls are obsessed with the movie Pitch Perfect, it is hilariously ridiculous! Oldest has been playing around with some of the styles that Anna Kendrick wore in the movie:

This style emulates the opening scene look:

pitchperfectopen1  pitchperfectopen3


after we took these shots we took it out and moved it down a little bit towards the base of her head…it is really easy to do, just requires A LOT of bobby pins and patience, however after finding this movie still I can think of an even easier way to do it!

This one is a tighter version of the campus radio station (minus the dj of course)“stacking records” scene do :

radio1 radio2

Fairly simple to do if you know how to french braid; it also requires lots of bobby pins and patience!

We’ve already done some Bella wedding hair from Breaking Dawn 2 that turned out well:

bellafrontbellaback  bellasideleft bellasideright

We’ve done a Rosalie look that we forgot to take a picture of that turned into a regular favorite!

I wonder which movie hairstyle we’ll do next…:D