P52 Week 21 High Angle

Here is my high angle view of Oldest’s latest obsession..Candy Crush Saga 🙂

crave and highangle 029


P52~Weeks 19 & 20~

I’m actually ahead! I have this week’s theme for you, “sunflare“with my semi willing model who decided to roll in the cut grass {right after I had just brushed her of course 🙂 }

sunfl2 sunflare

and just happened to capture week 20 theme “Once upon a time”:

“Once upon a time”  there were three clever birds…


and again as we were making our way home from the beach….

Once Upon a time bananas were cars…..

bananasplit split2



Project 52~catching up! Weeks 17 and 18~

Life always gets super busy as the end of school nears and spring and summer sport seasons overlap! I’ve crammed a lot into this weekend to try to get back on track!

Week 17~long exposure~

Ok, this was hard to try and achieve shots like this! I really just played around with my settings and mostly came up empty!

longexp1 longexp2 longexp3 longexp4 longexp5 longexp6It was fun to try though so I will keep messing around with it 🙂

Week 18~Letters~

My take on the theme “letters” the inscription from the Civil War cannon replica at the state capitol



Project 12 April~Shooting through Glass~

A little behind, but was able to squeeze my attempt at this theme “shooting through glass” this weekend as my students competed in the State National History Day Competition……

throughglass2  through-glass

The museum was beautiful and my students did a great job! I was late to the circle so I had them link around me, however you can still check out how everyone else shot through glass by starting with Claire 🙂