Project 12~March: Interesting Perspectives~

The theme of interesting perspectives was challenging this month! There was lots to read up on for this and some of the things I tried (based off of the reading) didn’t exactly work out but we had fun trying it out lol 🙂

The shots below are inspired by this site about forced perspectives…here I am pouring Youngest out of a water bottle..kind of 😉

perspective 033 perspective 027 perspective 026

Forced perspective was frustratingly hilarious! I also captured some things from the perspective of the pup….

Gone fishin’boo-gone-fishin

Garden Supervisor


Wrestlemaniaperspective 034 perspective 035

Loveperspective 038 perspective 039

Life is good from her perspective 🙂

Thanks for stopping by! Follow the circle of talented photogs and see how Claire views Interesting Perspectives!


7 thoughts on “Project 12~March: Interesting Perspectives~

  1. Cary, these are wonderful! I adore forced perspective images… what a great idea to try. I think you did a great job pulling it off too! A dog’s life is a pretty great perspective to capture. Wonderful work!

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  3. These are great and very creative! I love the first one where she is being “poured” out of the water bottle. I bet your daughter got a kick out of that- maybe my kids would willingly let me take their picture if I did something like this! I love the Gone Fishin image too- your dog looks so sweet!

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