Project 52~week 16~ bokeh

This week’s theme is bokeh. I wanted to really spend time on this one, but of course the best laid plans tend to never really happen! Instead, since we had such a beautiful day today, AND we actually didn’t have 500 places to be,  we decided to get a lot of our own yard-work done, so my plans to find sparkly light were not happening lol :). We took a “break” by making a quick trip over to a farm that allowed us to pick our own strawberries..delicious, or maybe bokehlicious 😀


Note the cell phone never out of Oldest’s hand, even when searching for the perfect berry ! STRAWBERRY PICKING 013


Thanks for taking a peek! Next week my monthly blog circle is coming due..I thought I was already prepared for it then realized I read the wrong theme so I have to start all over! gah!Oh well, now I’m ready for the following month!  Have a great week!


Project 52~Weeks 14 (Night) & 15 (Woods)

So things have been a little crazy busy here..between work for me, husband’s work & trainings, kids sporting/school/music events, and pup’s torn acl I have had limited time to get out and shoot anything at all so I am of course behind on this project today I’m catching up 🙂

Week 14 theme is “night”. While I love looking at moody night and low light photography I am actually terrible at it. Part of it is my camera can not get a high enough ISO to take a decent picture (my camera only goes to 1600), although I know that many would argue “no, it can be done!”, that is where the second part of why I am terrible at low-light/night photography comes in..I do not have the time to try and figure out how to push past my camera’s limitations to take good low-light shots and the noise @ 1600 frustrates me to no end. With that all explained you can understand why I’ve “cheated” for this weeks theme ….

kleb nature center 027This picture just reminds me of “night” since all of a sudden mass flocks of swifts start looking for places to bed down!

Week 15 theme of “woods” was fun! We went as a family to a (“new” to us at least) Nature center and preserve that was pretty cool! It had some amazing oak trees (that of course Youngest had to try and climb)!

Into the Woods 2013

kleb nature center 013


kleb nature center 014

kleb nature center 012   kleb nature center 016

kleb nature center 018

kleb nature center 019

kleb nature center 024

Into the woods

Thanks for stopping by! Next week’s theme is bokeh..always fun to play around with 🙂

Project 12~March: Interesting Perspectives~

The theme of interesting perspectives was challenging this month! There was lots to read up on for this and some of the things I tried (based off of the reading) didn’t exactly work out but we had fun trying it out lol 🙂

The shots below are inspired by this site about forced perspectives…here I am pouring Youngest out of a water bottle..kind of 😉

perspective 033 perspective 027 perspective 026

Forced perspective was frustratingly hilarious! I also captured some things from the perspective of the pup….

Gone fishin’boo-gone-fishin

Garden Supervisor


Wrestlemaniaperspective 034 perspective 035

Loveperspective 038 perspective 039

Life is good from her perspective 🙂

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