March Artist Study

Every Month on Clickin Moms there is something called “Artist Study”. There are things to do to study the artist’s work then using that inspiration go shoot 🙂 This month is the first time I’ve tried it because the inspiration image was by one of my all time favs, Monet:


I really noticed the color reflected in the water and the movement in this painting, so I headed out on a dog walk with Youngest to see if I could capture some of it; here is what I came up with:

march-artist-studyedit-001 march-artist-studyedit-003 march-artist-studyedit-007

The “teacher” created a Monet action to utilize for this month which I’ve applied to the pictures above..not normally what I would use but I think it does help “Monet” these pics a bit. The second image resonates the most with me..probably because of the tree placement and reflection in the water, not to mention the buds that scream SPRING…but I love the movement in the water in the first image (although I’m not loving the colors in this one as much), what is your take on this?

Do you have a favorite artist you like to draw inspiration from? I will probably do this exercise again if the “teacher” picks another artist that resonates, it was fun, despite my pup not cooperating and trying to drag me away before I could click lol 😉


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