Happy Easter

bluebonnets and easter 2013 066


March Artist Study

Every Month on Clickin Moms there is something called “Artist Study”. There are things to do to study the artist’s work then using that inspiration go shoot 🙂 This month is the first time I’ve tried it because the inspiration image was by one of my all time favs, Monet:


I really noticed the color reflected in the water and the movement in this painting, so I headed out on a dog walk with Youngest to see if I could capture some of it; here is what I came up with:

march-artist-studyedit-001 march-artist-studyedit-003 march-artist-studyedit-007

The “teacher” created a Monet action to utilize for this month which I’ve applied to the pictures above..not normally what I would use but I think it does help “Monet” these pics a bit. The second image resonates the most with me..probably because of the tree placement and reflection in the water, not to mention the buds that scream SPRING…but I love the movement in the water in the first image (although I’m not loving the colors in this one as much), what is your take on this?

Do you have a favorite artist you like to draw inspiration from? I will probably do this exercise again if the “teacher” picks another artist that resonates, it was fun, despite my pup not cooperating and trying to drag me away before I could click lol 😉

P52~week 11~ Shadows and ~week 12~ lips!

I’ve been a bit busy with life the past couple weeks, so although I’ve been taking photos, they haven’t been following the themes for my P52. Today I played catch up 🙂

There was no real sun to cooperate with today for last week’s theme of “shadows”. I was able to capture this slight shadow during the quick dance of a sweet fairy 🙂


For the week 12 theme Youngest was nice enough to write me a note for lunch 🙂


Hopefully I can get myself back on schedule with this fun project! I’ve been playing around with matte processing….I like the softness of it but don’t think it is a style that will stick for me, what do you think? To Matte or not to Matte..that is the question 😉

P52~Low Angle~ The Sewing Machine

Playing a bit of catch up this week!

Oldest received a sewing machine from her Aunt for her birthday…she is diligently neglecting all of her other responsibilities trying to figure it out while making stylish outfits for her sister’s dolls 🙂 Here are my low angle shots of her testing the tension after changing out the thread!

sews tangled tester

February Project 12~Food Photography~

The February theme for the blog circle is “Food Photography”..which I have decided is hard! I had lots of ideas this month but very little time to execute them! Oh well, I did enjoy it so I plan on spending some more time with food photography in the future 🙂 I found a great pizza crust recipe so decided to make some calzones and pizza for the girls. They were a hit!

feb food photos march food photos and kai flips 021

Thanks for stopping by! Check out the food Claire captured this month and then continue around the circle of talented photographers to tempt your tastebuds 🙂