P52 week 7~Motion~

This week’s theme is “motion”, unfortunately I have been sick so any “motion” was not a good thing!

Today we took Oldest with her BFF’s and Youngest to go to a movie and then out for dinner for her 14th birthday tomorrow…time in motion is way too fast!

Motionwalk  sunlightlaughing

P52~week 6~ hands

This weeks theme is “hands”..I chose not to focus on the hands themselves, rather just a few of the things our hands were busy doing!

This week we used our hands to roast some marshmallows 🙂

Sunrise, firepit, NHD LSC 2013 017 Sunrise, firepit, NHD LSC 2013 024

The next morning Oldest used her hands to grab my camera and catch the sunrise 😀

Sunrise, firepit, NHD LSC 2013 007

The rest of the week my hands were crazy busy so no camera time and no more pictures for this theme!!

Project 12 2013~Close Up Portraiture

This year I am once again participating in a year long monthly project with some very talented photographers from Clickin Moms :). The theme for January is Close Up Portraiture which I played with while the pup was on guard for squirrels and Youngest was singing her heart out rather than working on her homework 🙂

Nahla bw side nahlalu eye Kai-sings-jan-2013webKaia-oh-mom-Jan-2013web

She caught me ;)!

Thanks for checking out my attempt at close up portraiture. Follow the circle round to Claire to see how things look close up in the UK!