Project 52 2013 Week 4 ~Childhood memory~

Actually got this taken care of on time this week! The theme is childhood memory…..this was the easiest to capture this week…

Unhappy about Math Homework..this so was me, good to know my children come by this pout honestly lol 🙂-math-hw -HWOne major difference from my childhood memory depicted here is that I was not wearing shorts and completing homework outside in January in Wisconsin!!!!


Project 52 2013

This year I’ve decided to do another P52 because I felt I really learned a lot! I’d love to do a 365 but as a busy working mom there is no way for me to fit it all in {I tried to shoot everyday for the month of October last year..I lasted 3 days :(} Anyways I’m excited to start again!

This week’s theme is “Self-Portraits”Self-portrait-Jan-2013bw

Project 12..Month 12! The Way I view..Holidays

This post concludes the Clickin Moms monthly project revolving around different themes for 2012. It was so fun participating in the blog circle and am so proud of those of us that were able to make it through all year! So here is my final 2012 project 12 post about How I view: Holidays:

Christmas kind of snuck up on me this year for some reason so cookie baking took place on Christmas Eve day with lots of help from Oldest and Youngest. They took a break to Skype with family across the country. Christmas Eve includes family that lives in town, munching good food, and opening some gifts. Christmas Morning starts at dark thirty with the pickle ornament hunt and the rest of gift opening. It is always such a joy to watch the girls, they so enjoy both the giving and getting 🙂

New Year’s Eve is very family focused for us, involving food, fireworks, and fun. We devoured some delicious and not so nutritious foods (hot wings for youngest, delicioso pulled pork– I tweaked the recipe a bit by adding a jalapeno and chipoltle in adobo sauce instead of the green awesome- for non fire breathers, and decadent desserts!)Youngest is our firework monster so despite the rain and fog out she went to blow some things was very short lived since it started to pour but she was happy! We then started to compete in our family “Minute to Win it tournament..of Doom!” These little games were way more challenging than expected 😀 but lots of fun!

Finally New Year’s Day is never complete without my husband taking a noon polar bear plunge! When we lived in the Northern part of the country this was a much crazier thing, however despite Christmas being 75 degrees, we hit a rapid plunge in temps so the 20 mph winds and 47 degree temps qualified as cold 🙂 Last year Youngest did it too but it was actually cold today so she opted to be a fan instead :). We follow his annual plunge by trying out a local restaurant, this year’s choice was a winner since I can hardly wait to have the blackened mahi-mahi sandwich again lol!

Thanks for taking a moment and checking out how I viewed the holidays. Follow the blog circle to see how Dawne views the Holidays. I hope you continue to visit my blog through 2013 as I embark on some more fun projects 🙂 Happy 2013!