WOW! I did it! P52 week 52: Family

At the start of 2012 I decided to try to fit some photography projects into my crazy schedule…I had no idea how fantastic this blog would be for me! This will be my 103rd post, I have some 3000+ views of my images, I even have a few actual followers (outside of my lovely family and friends 😉 } and I can see a tremendous amount of growth for me as a photographer as I look back on where I started {despite my computer crashing 4 times, little knowledge of my PSE 7 editing program,  and a very basic DSLR: gotta love my little Rebel XS and 50mm 1.8 lens}! Thanks for spending a few moments with my progress 🙂

So the theme for week 52 of my P52 is family :0 I couldn’t have done this without their support!

fan club :)(Their Dad was making them laugh like loons!)

2013 will bring new projects and some possible portfolio building opportunities as I decide where I want to take this hobby of mine..don’t know yet which way I’ll lean but I certainly am enjoying the journey!


Project 12 November: How I view…”Blessings”

So very many things fall under this months project 12 photography Challenge. I can’t believe we’ve almost made an entire year!

Since there are so many ways I’m blessed I am going to share with you images from the top of my “Blessings” list:

Oldest …who drives me crazy and cracks me up in the same moment with her teenagerness! Her  kindness, compassion, and depth of emotion are a true blessing to us 🙂


Youngest..who is getting so much older everyday! She is a constant source of light and laughter with her earnest actions and silly tactics 🙂


Pup dog..who is always happy to see us. She brings joy to our family; we can’t remember life without her.


{and my husband, who likes to be an internet ghost so no shot of him 😉 but who works hard for our family}

I’m very grateful to be blessed with wonderful family and friends who make our lives better everyday.

Thanks for stopping..follow the blog circle of talented photographers to see how Dawne views the project chalenge “Blessings”