Project 12…The way I view “Dress Up”

“On Halloween Night when the ghosts come out, they all get together and they start to shout!  Boo, Boo, we love to scare you, that’s what ghosts are supposed to do!”

This month’s project 12 theme is “Dress up” ..perfect for Halloween!

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Youngest was a “Nerd” this year and got herself all dolled up for a Halloween party while Oldest did the scary makeup for two neighboorhood friends (she was in heaven..she loves doing stage make up..I think it turned out really well!) then she rushed to get into her Baseball Vampire costume, the fangs are finicky..her costume was inspired by one of her fav Vampires, Rosalie Cullen. The pup was in charge of Supervision while I made Cowboy Spaghetti for dinner, I make the girls eat real food before they leave! Fun Night!

Trick or Treat!

Thanks for stopping by! Make your way through the circle of talented photogs to see how they view this month’s theme  of Dress up 🙂


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