P52 Week 43…Street Photography

This weeks theme is “Street Photography”. I am not so great at this so I took some literal pics of the street behind me in traffic 😉 {When we were stopped of course!}

My girls went to the Sally Ride festival, while they were in thier Science sessions I took some “street” shots..at a beautiful college campus so not really “streety” lol!

Dog down

Controlled Chaos, Astronaut Speakers, and Science breakouts..


Lots of time for me to enjoy the brisk weather and read 🙂

The girls thought it was an interesting event, however, I’ll stick with portraits 🙂


New reflector

Oldest stayed home from school today sick 😦 but I did get my new reflector today! Youngest paused in her afterschool volleyball playing around to let me catch a few shots..

I have no clue what I’m doing, I have stiches in my clicker finger, and I stepped in a pile of fire ants! Other than that though I’m pretty happy with my first try lol 🙂 and Youngest is always a good sport to help me out:

Pup stayed still for me to try with her as well, she doesn’t like to gold side very much even though I love that it shows the depth of her fur color, what a cutie!

P52 Week 42| Small

“Small” Problem this week for my P52…my six small stiches on my right index finger!

I hadn’t realized that I used this finger in ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING I do!

Oh well, my computer is still on the fritz and hanging out at the repair shop so this is a cell pic taken with my uninjured left hand and online editing

..hopefully the upcoming weeks will be better..dreaming of a fixed computer and no sliced digits 🙂


Youngest Dives

So Youngest has chosen diving as her sport this fall…this may be the absolut most stressful thing for me to watch! It is scary to watch the kids fly like they do, and my worry extends to all of the other kiddos in her class as well! It is usually the longest hour of my Saturday since I am holding my breath most of the time after warmups!

Warmups I can handle: Just jumping…Youngest in Pink shirt

It’s the boardwork that is stressful! Luckily there were no close calls like the week before with Youngest..now another student…I just kept closing my eyes when it was that girl’s turn, inwards freak me out!

P52 week 41 shallow depth of field, kind of

This week technology has not been my friend. My work computer software had issues… programs failing, files destroyed and overwritten… and then my home computer crashed… so there is very limited capabilities to edit and post any pictures for me 😦 which is frustrating to say the least. For this weeks p52 I am using one of the photos from the CM Clickin Walk of bamboo in the JapaneseSerenity garden.

So technically this pic isn’t from this week but it fits the them so I’m rolling with it 🙂 Here’s to hoping for a better tech week to come!


Pup got a new squeaky toy….

pretty sure she loves it!

P52 week 40… LEAVES

This week’s theme is “Leaves” which would be awesome if I lived somewhere that leaves were turning gorgeous fall colors. Here in the South however, they pretty much stay green and then, around December, some of the brown ones fall off, so not a very exciting thing to photograph. Today I was able to find a few tiny leaves that had some color so I used those combined with some negative space to capture the theme 🙂


The way I view…”Back to school”

Realistically back to school is a super busy time for our family. As an educator I go back  to work the same time as my kids so everything that I had time to do over the summer takes a back burner this month while we incorporate meetings, homework, sports, events, and hobbies!

Day before school photos (hard to take them on the day of; I have to leave really early the first day of school to beat all the parents who drop off kids for a parking spot at work! lol)

Cell phone pixs of this year’s Open House Evening

Youngest is in 6th grade and Oldest is in 8th grade this year making them both middle schoolers. I don’t know where the time went but I do love it when they go to the same school…one open house, one place to go for events, are you seeing the pattern here? This year they’re even in the school choir together so there is only ONE music event to go to..can you tell how much I LOVE it when that happens 😉

Homework time

They do each have thier own extra curricular schedule so we are trying to balance all the running around with the new school work routines!

All the bags and shoes get dropped in the room as soon as they enter! They walk the dog, get ready for whatever is on the list to do that night..ballet, diving, school function, homework..as you can see, we’re still a mess..I mean work in progress!

So that’s how I view “Back to school” …in a rushed manner! Now that October is rolling around we’re getting our schedules in order so we should be able to better organize…I hope 😉

Follow the blog circle to see how Katrina views “Back to school” 🙂