P52..catch up!

Things have been crazy crazy busy around here lately with all of the fall events in full gear. I have fallen a bit behind in my weekly project….just really too tired to pick up my camera when I get home from work and finish my “mom jobs” each night! Not really a good excuse but it’s all I’ve got.  I’m going to try to push myself through October to get back on track. I’m looking forward to next Sunday’s Clickin Walk sponsored through one of my favorite photography forums Clickin Moms to psych me up again!

SOOOOOO For catch up I’m going to pull from my archives 🙂

P52 week37: Sleep I actually did take some shots for this one the correct week but felt uncomfortable with the idea of posting them since my kiddos aren’t babies…images of babies sleeping don’t bother me, teens sleeping seems invasive in my opionion so instead you get my pup…she is a professional sleeper 🙂

P52 week 38: Shadows..the only shadows are the ones under my eyes, so I decided to sleep a little bit today and use an oldie but goodie for this week!

Next week’s theme is pink…with the Clickin’ Walk  and three girls in this household I should be able to get something!!! Fingers crossed that things slow down!


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