Project 12 The way I view…PLAY

“Summer” is officially over since school started this week 😦 but it did give me a chance to review the August theme for my project 12…PLAY!

Summer play is intermingled with getting back to school supplies, however, play definitely still takes center stage! For us summer play always involves water…

and this month, my girls have become obsessive about volleyball..

at the beach…

in the backyard…

at the park….

and even in the dark!

They’re volleyball maniacs I tell you, maniacs 🙂

Thanks for checking out how I view “play” this month! Now check out how Dawne views play and continue through the circle of talented photographers that span the globe!


4 thoughts on “Project 12 The way I view…PLAY

  1. Cary, your skills are improving so much!!! That first image made me smile so big!!! I love the composition, the reflection, the bokeh… awesome shot. The water images are so fun and the volleyball photos are wonderful too, especially the one down the length of the net. Great images, sweetie!!!

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