P52 week 33….BOOKS!

I adore books, I even have a t-shirt that says so 😉 Luckily we’re a family of readers. This weeks P52 theme is BOOKS and we’ve got ’em!

Books cover shelves and counters, fill boxes under beds, and donation bins throughout the year. We buy them, borrow them, and loan them from various places.

In the past few years we’ve become a hybrid house, by that I mean we’ve gone to e-books. We resisted for a long time, uncertain if we would like reading from a screen…but eventually switched to the Nook color (we now have 3 of them)! They are so nice and save so much room which is necessary for the rate I read (a book every 2-3 days during the school year and one a day during the summer) and the size of our home..that doesn’t mean I don’t dream of having a “library” in my home like this..

love..I totally would NEED the ladder, how cool is that!

Oh well, I’ll just keep adding to my Nook library until I can make that room happen 🙂


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