It is that time again…Back to school!

Today marked the first day of school! Oldest is starting her last year of middle school while Youngest is starting her first year of middle school! The only one NOT excited about this situation was the pup…she just wanted everyone to go back inside and hangout with her 🙂


P2 week 34…”Sports”

This week’s theme is “sports”. The kids last week of summer vacation starts today, unfortunately, I am back to work on Tuesday…just when you start getting used to lazy summer days they are over!! Oh well, here is my “Sports” shot of Youngest doing the butterfly 🙂

We’ll have more sports shots when the fall season starts, Youngest has decided on Diving and Oldest is going back to dance..she is still debating over Contemporary or her love of Ballet!

P52 week 33….BOOKS!

I adore books, I even have a t-shirt that says so 😉 Luckily we’re a family of readers. This weeks P52 theme is BOOKS and we’ve got ’em!

Books cover shelves and counters, fill boxes under beds, and donation bins throughout the year. We buy them, borrow them, and loan them from various places.

In the past few years we’ve become a hybrid house, by that I mean we’ve gone to e-books. We resisted for a long time, uncertain if we would like reading from a screen…but eventually switched to the Nook color (we now have 3 of them)! They are so nice and save so much room which is necessary for the rate I read (a book every 2-3 days during the school year and one a day during the summer) and the size of our home..that doesn’t mean I don’t dream of having a “library” in my home like this..

love..I totally would NEED the ladder, how cool is that!

Oh well, I’ll just keep adding to my Nook library until I can make that room happen 🙂

P52 week 32…”Wet”

We were on vacay when it rained everyday at home so we missed not having to water the lawn! Unfortunately our “waiting it out” strategy is starting to turn our lawn a lovely shade of brown so Youngest helped set up the sprinkler:

She was REALLY close to avoiding the water but if you can’t beat it, join in 😉 !

Works out fantastic for this week’s theme “WET” 😀

Poject 12 Challenge: The Way I view…”Summer Life”

This month’s theme for my project 12 is “Summer Life”. Summer is great for me as I am done with day to day work  for a little while which I look forward to. The past few weeks we’ve spent vacationing with family in Wisconsin. We were hoping to avoid the Texas summer heat but it seemed to be waiting for us when we got there, oh well, we still had lots of fun!

Summer life in July means travel, family, Youngest’s 11th birthday, lots of time spent in the water, and relaxation. I LOVE Summer life!

{The family drove up, I had work, so I flew up later to meet them 🙂 }View from the plane

(after 8 hours of delays) Hello Milwaukee 😀 Catching up with…and more family!

Youngest turns 11! Luau time at the lake house 🙂



Thanks for stopping by and seeing the way I view summer life. Swing ’round the blog circle and check out how Dawne views it!