p52 week 30 “Senses”..taste

Finally Caught UP! This weeks theme is “Senses”. Part of vacation included a family reunion of my maternal extended family. Final tally came up with 80 people in attendance, so fun to see cousins I haven’t had the opportunity to see in about 12 years!!

At these reunions there are always games. A favorite is the “Doughnut game”. A line of the delectable (and messy) treats are secured to strings in front of young children…the objective? First one to finish their doughnut WITHOUT USING THIER HANDS WINS!….a whistle is blown..Chaos ensues as contestants employ various strategies to meet the objective:

Some follow the rules as explained to them, fastidiously working thier way through

Others decide to manipulate the rules to better taste the food

Still others use a hybrid of the above

Then you have the rule followers with a STRONG motivation to win…willing to do whatever it takes!

🙂  Gotta love family reunion games…I remember doing this but the doughnuts were powdered sugar  🙂

The chocolate is a nice touch LOL 😀





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