P52 Golden Hour week 23 (yep, I know I’m late!)

Last week’s assignment was to capture “Golden Hour”. That proved to be a bit difficult since it rained the evenings I was available and I just wasn’t very inspired…I have a tough time capturing this concept, to me it’s almost harder to capture the pretty light because even though it’s great light, I used to think it was also “magic hour” where I could only take fabulous pictures…um…..nope, definitely NOT true!, so I have to catch myself from falling into that thought process and still pay attention to the technical stuff. Tonight there was a huge cloud threatening to overtake the golden light but I had a willing model in Youngest so out we went around 8:10..when the light was already escaping! Here is what we got (and yes, those are her real eyes, no photoshop, she has true blues!):

These pictures may not capture the entire deliciousness of golden hour but I’m pretty happy with them. They also make me reflect a bit …Youngest is getting so much older 😦 She is entering middle school this coming school year and is trapped right in between little girl and young lady (as evidenced by the summer pink hair dye and make up experimentation along with the m&m nails on her cute little hands). She is such a sweetheart and I love her dearly, I would love for her (and Oldest) to stay little forever but I also enjoy watching the special ladies they become so these images are bittersweet since they really project more of the young lady she is turning into!


6 thoughts on “P52 Golden Hour week 23 (yep, I know I’m late!)

  1. Love the eyes – nice job! The first one where your daughter is looking up at the sky needs the tagline “wonder.” ps like the watermelon toes on previous post!

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