May…Project 12 The Way I view… “Motherhood”

Sometimes motherhood is the mundane…laundry, cooking, cleaning, transporting, working, breaking up arguments and dealing with eyeball rolling (lots and lots of eyeball rolling ;)) ! Despite the mundane, the magic of seeing my children, interacting with them and seeing them grow into the amazing people they are always makes it worth it. They amaze me on a daily basis. The way I view “Motherhood” is it is the most challenging but rewarding role on the planet 🙂

Of course, for me, no post on motherhood would be complete without my fur baby! She is my shadow (she actually was in the shot above just too short to make the scene lol) and she is as certain as my girls that I’m her mama, which is ok by me! We love her to pieces 😀

Thanks for stopping by! Follow the circle and visit Dawne to see how she views motherhood this month!


6 thoughts on “May…Project 12 The Way I view… “Motherhood”

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