summer fun

It has been so fun this summer taking time to find fun nail designs and trying them out! Here is one of the ones I completed recently for youngest..Ms Pacman nails!! Super cute! {The ghosts were intentionally only red and blue since those are their swim team colors and she wanted this before her divisional swim meet :)}


p52 Week 26 “Purple”

Our public library has always had a great summer reading program filled with all sorts of activities for the kids to participate in throughout the week and this year is no exception. My girls participated in a “Holi” water war over the weekend and they returned home PURPLE!

They had put Holi powder paint into buckets filled with water, soaked nerf style balls in the colored water, and then it was game on!! Some kids were yellow, some orange, pink, blue by the time they were finished…. how convienant that this weeks P52 project theme is “Purple”, fits my warriors perfectly! { They’re still a little purple a few days later :)}

P52 Golden Hour week 23 (yep, I know I’m late!)

Last week’s assignment was to capture “Golden Hour”. That proved to be a bit difficult since it rained the evenings I was available and I just wasn’t very inspired…I have a tough time capturing this concept, to me it’s almost harder to capture the pretty light because even though it’s great light, I used to think it was also “magic hour” where I could only take fabulous pictures…um…..nope, definitely NOT true!, so I have to catch myself from falling into that thought process and still pay attention to the technical stuff. Tonight there was a huge cloud threatening to overtake the golden light but I had a willing model in Youngest so out we went around 8:10..when the light was already escaping! Here is what we got (and yes, those are her real eyes, no photoshop, she has true blues!):

These pictures may not capture the entire deliciousness of golden hour but I’m pretty happy with them. They also make me reflect a bit …Youngest is getting so much older 😦 She is entering middle school this coming school year and is trapped right in between little girl and young lady (as evidenced by the summer pink hair dye and make up experimentation along with the m&m nails on her cute little hands). She is such a sweetheart and I love her dearly, I would love for her (and Oldest) to stay little forever but I also enjoy watching the special ladies they become so these images are bittersweet since they really project more of the young lady she is turning into!

Summer Vacation has started :)

Oldest wanted “pencils” painted on her fingernails and sparkly blue on her toes..we have all sorts of ideas for back to school with this one {imagine big toes as loose leaf paper ;)} Youngest wanted candy..m&m’s on fingers AND toes, I decided to go with watermelon! Looking at our cute nails make me smile…I’m thinking I might go with a whole fruit theme through the summer, although I saw a pac-man theme I may just have to try!

Youngest got herself a bow and arrow..we’ll see how this works out :)!

May…Project 12 The Way I view… “Motherhood”

Sometimes motherhood is the mundane…laundry, cooking, cleaning, transporting, working, breaking up arguments and dealing with eyeball rolling (lots and lots of eyeball rolling ;)) ! Despite the mundane, the magic of seeing my children, interacting with them and seeing them grow into the amazing people they are always makes it worth it. They amaze me on a daily basis. The way I view “Motherhood” is it is the most challenging but rewarding role on the planet 🙂

Of course, for me, no post on motherhood would be complete without my fur baby! She is my shadow (she actually was in the shot above just too short to make the scene lol) and she is as certain as my girls that I’m her mama, which is ok by me! We love her to pieces 😀

Thanks for stopping by! Follow the circle and visit Dawne to see how she views motherhood this month!

P52 Week 22 “Low Light”

This weeks challenge, along with ending the school year and all the end of year activities, was to capture a photo using low light. This was really hard for me. I’m happy with the shot I caught tonight but wish I had some more time to practice because I am definitely not good at this yet! Here is a shot of the girls searching for a song to sing, lit by their Nook Color 🙂