May Hair try

The girls have been seeking new hairstyles so pinterest is one of their favorite places to look. Oldest saw this cute style and ACTUALLY WANTED MY HELP to do it! (can you tell that doesn’t happen often anymore? At least not with her hair, normally she’s a flat iron fiend :D) It turned out that this double bun style is ridiculously EASY to do not to mention how elegant it looks finished 🙂 Oldest decided to wear this with a sparkly headband, so pretty 🙂

Youngest always likes for me to do different and uniques hairstyles, it’s been her “thing” lately. Last week we saw this tutorial to create a bow woven braid. Not going to lie, this one took a little while for me to get the hang of, but once it clicked it wasn’t that hard to do, the pictures below are after the first try ever and I only did one small part of her head. We did this on both sides of her head (which was totally cute) before school one morning and that was a challenge for the simple fact that it takes serious time to weave. Both girls looked super cute with their updo’s! (I’m so glad I have girls :D)


P52-catching up :) weeks 20 and 21

It has been crazy busy around here as the school year winds downSmileySo busy in fact, I ran out of time to post my P52 pictures! [Although I did actually take them the correct week so I’m giving myself points anyways :)] So here we go:

Week 20-Reflection

The whole famly is relaxing on the sofa, literally! My children still try to sit on me on the loveseat, old habits I guess from toddlerhood Smiley! We’re reflecting in the TV that was off so we could all read, or at least read different articles over eachother’s shoulders while we talked about it!

Week 21: Hands …doing what they do after a long (but definitely shorter than last week) swim meet

DH grabbed the computer, the girls a soda and their yearbooks to chat about all their friends 🙂 My hands were of course on my camera, tricky to shoot that though Smiley

Hopefully with the school year finally wrapping up I can try to work on the creativity part of this challenge 🙂