Earth day roamings

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Rubbing off on them?

I share everything I learn about photography as I learn it with my girls. They ask great questions which in turn helps me as well (since everyone knows you really have to KNOW something to teach it to someone else!) I suspect I may be rubbing off on them ….here’s why….

Yep, I think I’m onto something here 😀 {the oatmeal cream pies were delicioso! Here is the recipe…it’s a repeater for us, they were gone by the next day ;)}

P52 Week 16: Water

This weeks P 52 theme is water. I really wanted to get pictures of oldest’s swim meet or of the torrential rain we had yesterday….however with the crazy week of meetings and other obligations the timing just wasn’t going to happen. Since it’s the weekend I can finally slow down a minute so I played with some water on the back patio 🙂



P52 Week 15…TWO

This week’s theme is “Two”. Lots of Two’s in my life this week..too many things happening, trying to be in two places at once twice…. but this morning I spent some time trying to take this classic shot. It’s been seen a million times but I’ve never in a million years thought I’d be able to capture it 🙂

I’m pretty excited about this picture, for me it shows how much I’ve learned in the past few months! I know I’ve got a long way to go but I’m enjoying the journey! Smiley

Zone Practice

Recently I’ve been experimenting with a type of photography that uses the Zone method to get better exposure (adapted from Ansel Adams for digital photography). Here are some of my first time out attempts~

I’m pretty happy since all of these are pretty much SOOC (straight out of the camera). They’re not technically perfect but I’m liking the way it’s going! Well off to go memorize my zone colors Smiley