P52: Leading Lines

This weeks challenge was “leading lines” if you’re curious as to why here you go. …”One of the tools you can use as a photographer to create a meaningful composition is to use leading lines. Leading lines are used to draw the viewer’s eye through a photograph. They are intentional or unintentional, natural lines created in the space of the photograph and are used to create a visual narrative in the composition. Leading lines are also used to draw your eye to a focal point in the shot that you would like to highlight“….We had so much fun with this, not to mention great conditions…beautiful 60 degree breezy day, bikes, pup, sunshine…I’ve got so many shots I can’t decide which one to submit because I love them all! Lucky for me I can put plenty here 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


7 thoughts on “P52: Leading Lines

  1. Cary, it looks like you had a wonderful day!!! You did a great job with leading lines. I love the stair shot, very clever! And I ADORE the dog image (the one where he/she is looking out of the frame).

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