Monthly Project- The way I view… “Sweetness and Love”

The theme for February’s Project 12 is appropriately titled The way I view “Sweetness and Love”. February was a great month for sweetness and love in our family. In addition to Valentine’s day we have lots of family birthdays and school events going on throughout the month. This year my husband’s parents retired and came for a visit so we got to celebrate these events with them! I’m sharing some images taken this month when my girls took their cousins to the park. It was absolute sweetness to see the love between the four of them…youngest making the little guy laugh so hard he tipped off the slide and oldest teaching her little cousin how to pump like a big girl on the swings 🙂

A little bonus..youngest had a “fun run” at school this month. Her dad dressed up as a human cardinal (the school mascot) to cheer her on! Now that is love… youngest still claimed him as her daddy 😉 lol!

Thanks for peeking at a snippet of the sweetness and love around here! Take a minute and go round the circle! Check out how Dawne viewed “Sweetness and Love”!


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