P52 Week 8…self portrait…eek!

This week’s theme is self portrait. . I definitely cringed at this topic for a few reasons. Reason one,  I am NOT a giant fan of being in front of the camera. However, since I know I don’t like it I’m trying to push myself to do it more often, otherwise my children will have thousands of great pictures of themselves, them with their friends, their events, but nothing of their mother {which I can relate to because my mother never wanted to be in the pictures either as we were growing up..hmm, I come by it honestly then ;)} . I know they will want pictures of me for themselves and thier own children in the future, and they will love them wether they are unflattering pictures or not.

The other reason I cringed was that I do not have a remote for my camera, so taking a self portrait involves lots of running back and forth, setting the timer, trying to get into the correct position, head tilt, light changes, focus, etc….exhausting and often very very frustrating. The only other way to get a self portrait that doesn’t require me to run all over the place is to recruit my children to take it. This requires me to give up control over the picture entirely!

Now both of my girls are really starting to know their way around my camera since I use it all the time and help them learn about it too since I love it, but they are also old enough to have their own “creative vision” which sometimes conflicts with my own :)…teenagers. This week youngest decided to help me out with the “self-protrait” so I didn’t have to keep jumping the sofa, which she told me wasn’t going to end well! I couldn’t get the settings exactly where I wanted them and some of the focus is a bit soft but overall I think she did a great job and I look ok after a long day of work lol!! 🙂


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