P52 Week 7 “Red Hot”

Today is my oldest’s 13th bday, that sounds ridiculously old to me!

She has developed a love affair with red velvet cake but is torn every year because of her love for cheesecake. I was looking for recipe ideas when the foodnetwork.com email for Valentine’s day recipe caught my eye…low and behold a recipe for red velvet cheesecake! Perfect! I showed oldest, she confirmed so I was committed. The only thing is I don’t like cheesecake, never have, doubt I ever will, so I have never in my life made a cheesecake before!! I gave it my best effort! Here are my in progress shots at making this cheesecake while using my awsome “red hot” mixer…

I’ll have to get back to you on wether or not it works cuz bday girl has to give me the final word after skating the night away!!!

{I made some googly eye chocolate cupcakes as back ups just in case! :)}

Update: Red velevet cheesecake is a hit! According to the cheescake connoisseurs in this household; it is now the requested birthday dessert for their foreseeable future 😉


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