P52 Week 4 “Bokeh”

This weeks theme for the project 52 is “bokeh”. Now if you’re not a photographer or interested in photgraphy there is absolutely no reason for you to know this word. I know I had never ever heard of it prior to picking up a camera a few years ago so I looked it up…”a Japanese term for the subjective aesthetic quality of out-of-focus areas of a photographic image (http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/bokeh)”. Well that makes sense, I love bokeh but never knew there was a word for “hmm, I wonder how they blurred out the background like that? :)”

I used my 50mm lens for these shots today as we went on our nightly dog walk. We were in a rush because we’re off to see “Once Upon a Mattress” tonight so here you go, my attempts at “Bokeh”!


6 thoughts on “P52 Week 4 “Bokeh”

  1. Absolutely beautiful examples of bokeh, Cary! I remember when I first learned about it, I looked for good bokeh everywhere. Now I just need to know if it’s pronounced bo-kuh or bo-kay!!! 😉

  2. great job with the bokeh!!! the blacks in the background make everything POP! beautiful!!! 🙂
    and to add to Holly’s comment, I researched it a while back and the concensus is bo-kay, which breaks my heart because i will always say boo-kuh, 😉 LOL!!!

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