Dog dreams…achieved!!

We have a beautiful lab mix that we got from the pound when she was only 4 weeks old. She has the life of a princess and she knows it; her own comfy bed, blankies to cover her when she lets us know she is chilly, a mirror she has taken to looking in daily, inclusion in a multitude of dog friendly activities and vacations, adoring owners..she’s got it all…..

….EXCEPT a squirrel. This puppy princess has been OBSSESSED with squirrels since she walked out the pound doors. She diligently stalks them in our back yard running pine tree to pine tree, having stare downs, waiting patiently for HOURS all to no avail for the past 4 years….

Until today. Today Nahla caught a squirrel. She is very very proud of herself.

By the way, my oldest told me she will probably get rabies from having to help clean up the achievement. (not gonna lie, there was lots of squealing and screaming by all humans involved while Nahla just wagged her tail and showed off her trophy)



7 thoughts on “Dog dreams…achieved!!

  1. I am such a dog person & I love your photos. I am chuckling over the squirrel watching because we have two squirrel watchers at our house. Our dogs are obsessed. I try to chase the squirrels up the trees before I let the dogs out! Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t!
    Beautiful photos!

  2. those last three should be framed! 🙂
    i echo Jessica. i miss our doggie too. makes me so happy you’ve captured these moments ❤ i'd love to have this many pictures when our baby was with us. (too bad she was afraid of the camera!!)

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